Irish Lotto Rollover Jackpot Estimated at €4 Million

For four draws the Irish Lottery jackpot has not been won which means the players in Ireland have an Irish Lotto rollover jackpot estimated at €4 million to play for tonight! The last draw to find a jackpot winner was on 31st December 2011 when one player scooped a jackpot of €4,164,479 after a double rollover that included an extra €1 million that had been added to the pot for the Christmas Eve draw. The same night as this Irish Lottery jackpot was won, 2,236 tickets were drawn in the Christmas Millionaire raffle too!

Whilst the last Irish Lottery draw didn’t produce any jackpot winners with the number 6, 9, 16, 23, 26, 27 and bonus ball 11, four players did manage to match five main balls and the bonus to win the second prize of €25,000.

Will your numbers be lucky tonight with the Irish Lottery results or are we set to see another rollover? You might be interested to hear a few number statistics for the Irish Lotto; details of the “movers and shakers” – the most common drawn numbers, numbers most overdue and the least common numbers to appear in the Irish Lottery results.

Most common drawn numbers:

  • 38 is the number that has been a main ball the most with 89 appearances
  • 2 and 3 have been out 86 times
  • 39 has appeared as a main ball 85 times
  • 32 and 12 have both been draw 84 times.

Most overdue numbers in the Irish Lottery results:

  • 35 last appeared as a main ball 35 days ago
  • 43 hasn’t been out for 63 days
  • 39, although one of the most common drawn numbers, has not been out for 60 days whilst the number 38, the most often drawn number, has not made an appearance for 53 days.
  • 8 also hasn’t appeared as a main ball for 53 days
  • 21 was last seen as a main ball 46 days ago

Least often drawn numbers:

  • 43, as well as being one of the most overdue numbers it stands to reason that it would appear as one of the least often drawn numbers making just 51 appearances as a main ball.
  • 25 was last drawn as a main ball 25 days ago and has only been out as a main ball 53 times.
  • 14 was last seen as a main ball on 21st December and has been a main ball 53 times also.
  • 16 appeared in the Irish Lottery draw of 14th January 2012 but has only been out as a main ball 58 times.
  • 33 was a main ball in the draw of 11th January 2012 but has only appeared as a main ball 60 times.
  • 34 has been out 62 times as a main ball.

Whether any of this information will sway how you choose your Irish Lottery numbers we don’t know but it will be interesting to see if any of these numbers make an appearance in tonight’s draw.

Written by Lucy Lotto

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